Getting ready for the big day

9/08/2017 08:18:00 PM

The big day

Get ready for the big day with...

Wedding cake // {RW} Royal Wedding Cake with Roses - @The Trunk Show
Table  // {RW} Royal Wedding Cake Draped Table - @The Trunk Show
Balloons // Apple Fall Confetti Balloon (Gold)
Bird cage // *HEXtraordinary* // Victorian Finch Cage RARE gacha
Birds // *HEXtraordinary* // Florida Fancy Finch/ White Finch  & Blue Grosbeak Finch gacha
Chairs // The Loft  // Wedding Reception Chairs  Mr & Mrs Gold - RARE
Rug // [ zerkalo ] // Be My Valentine - Rug
Mannequin // LAGOM // THE GALLERY [Mannequin G] gacha
Skybox // LAGOM // THE GALLERY SOI gacha

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