Freebie Look do Dia #2- FLDD #2

6/01/2014 03:41:00 AM

Read it in English.


Skin *free* no @Marketplace
Sombra MONS eyesh MONS / Makeups - Eyeliner Print gift do grupo *free*
Cabelo Analog Dog ashbury oatmeal freeball
Vestido Explicit Content by Vita's Boudoir gift do grupo *free*
Leggings *Sheer* Tights: Zebra *free*
Colar [DLL] Group Gift  July (Silver) gfit do grupo
Brincos PP - Triandre Jewelry Set gift do grupo em Pure Poison 
Braceletes coloridos *GFD* ~ MetalT O Y Bracelet {SET} TCC hunt #106 (até 31/05)
Bracelete preto Pure Poison -Cool Unisex Bracelets gift do grupo
Anel  [DLL] From me to you (ring) Group Gift
Bolsa Swallow Single Lady Clutch Pink gift do grupo
Botas Pony Girl Boots by Vita's Boudoir gift do grupo
Poses Label Motion - I'm too cute GIFT

beijos e fiquem lindas!

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