Sexy queen

10/04/2014 02:30:00 PM


Act a Queen

Skin Pink Acid Anna - Mocho Choco *new*
Cabelo HOMAGE : Stay High - Chocolate *new*
Maquiagem dos olhos MONS / MAKEUP APPLIER HUD (MeshHead) 010
Colar a brincos [Modern.Couture] Jewelry - Diva Ruby
Anel {me.}Ops Ring / Black
Corset Junbug *{JB}* Madame Corbeau's Corsette [Ink] ULTRARARE - gacha no evento The Secret Affair
Calcinha Sensuelle Serene Thong - também no @Marketplace
Scarpin The Shops! Freebie Pumps
Pose foto 2 primeiro quadro Ma Vie. - Missing Pieces *new*
Trono com poses Vanity Poses - Le Throne - no evento Fit for a princess

Beijos e fiquem lindas

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